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Many HR managers are confident about tech-related opportunities

In the digital era, there’s a segregation of perception between two major camps; ie: those who think digital disruption will lead to imminent doom and those who are hopeful of its outcomes.

HR managers have begun to choose sides and many of them are in favour of tech-related opportunities, realising the potential of digital innovation and how it’s paving the way for more efficient ways of working.

Human resource management has, in the past, been plagued by challenges, many of which are concentrated on integral business aspects like employee retention, communication and culture.

The era we live in appears to be able to provide relief in the form of tech solutions that are gradually revolutionising the way we handle our businesses.

Here are a few key reasons why HR managers are welcoming the massive digital transition.


The rise of automation

One of the most promising turning points in our post-industrial age world, it’s also one of the most feared and misunderstood. The mention of automation can easily bring about thoughts of job losses, economic turmoil and violent protests/rampages in the streets.

However, an increase in automation really means that organisational growth is accelerated. There will be a rapid shift towards developmental initiatives like re-training, restructuring and the introduction of new technologies that staff will need to utilise. Who will oversee this enormous operation? It’ll be HR, which leads to an increased demand for skilled HR professionals. Overall, the ultimate outlook on automation is one of healthy progress and not doom.

A basis for continual learning

Monotony and repetition are slowly being replaced by intuition, flexibility and intelligence which is why organisations are arming themselves with capabilities for continual learning, which can, in turn, perpetuate continual growth. Who will be at the forefront of this transformation? Once again, dedicated HR professionals need to observe and manage aspects like employee development and upskilling in order to maintain relevance with regards to industry trends and technological progress.

Deloitte Access Economics published a report called The future of work. In it, occupational trends revealed that technological and workforce change is contributing to an increased demand for skilled HR professionals. Entire courses dedicated to Human Resource Management are now available and can equip fresh talent with the skills to effectively contribute to organisations in dire need of help.


A growing focus on AI

AI was once the stuff of sci-fi and wasn’t being paid much serious attention within the realms of work and organisational productivity. It’s a fantasy that’s very quickly becoming a reality, with almost one in three (29%) HR managers across the globe admitting that the rise of Artificial Intelligence (and Robotic Process Automation) will be the greatest opportunity for their businesses when it comes to the matter of talent management. This was revealed in a survey of over 2,000 senior HR professionals published by Alexander Mann Solutions. Real world implementation of AI has proven that elements such as machine learning can greatly help solve dilemmas in areas of HR like retention, engagement and recruitment.



Analytics has been around for some time now but now, advances have made analytics even more promising. A majority of HR managers are now making use of talent analytics on a constant basis to plan and manage workforces. Human resource management software, data gathering tools and more have been deployed by organisations looking to capture and develop quality talent. As HR moves from an operational discipline to a more strategic discipline, a data-driven approach is seen as the most efficient way forward.

At TraitQuest, we aim to bridge the gap between employee and employer relationship by providing a robust talent management, employee engagement and talent retention system. As strong believers in growth and progress, our continuous efforts leverage on data-driven decision making, derived traits profiling, workplace gamification via a well-rounded multi-level engagement platform which ensures organisation to achieve top level productivity. To sum up our value proposition – we provide enterprise cloud-based solutions for workflow management and collaboration to drive employees’ motivation and engagement, cultivate a healthy corporate culture thereby retaining your valued employees. We are one of the recipients of HR Vendor of the Year 2018 for Best HR Start Up Company in Malaysia.

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