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4 tech-driven trends that are improving employee recognition

In much the same way that cultures shift through passing eras, the ways in which people expect to be recognised in the workplace seem to also be changing.

Performance appraisals, work-based rewards and company employee recognition initiatives can all be subject to trends and developments. Technology appears to have greatly influenced many of today’s dynamic trends, seeping into the fabric of society.

Today’s work environments should have relevant systems in place that recognise employees’ achievements.

You can improve competitiveness, productivity and loyalty by harnessing digital capabilities which are available to HR managers. Here are some of the tech-driven trends that could help you further develop your employee recognition initiatives and prepare your workplace for the future.

Public recognition via social media

You might find that this new breed of workforce appreciates being congratulated for a job well done through public recognition via social media. Praise your employees through posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This can serve several purposes. It can put in a good word for them, reaffirming their personal reputations while, at the same time, giving the organisation the ability to benefit by attracting talent who get to see a glimpse of how its workplace culture functions. Brand exposure for the organisation can increase and act as a sort of intersection of HR and marketing, while employees can be made to feel more satisfied and remain more loyal to the organisation.

Enhanced employee experiences

In the digital age, think about improving experiences for everyone involved with your organisation. This includes customers/clients and managers as well as employees.

If you want to keep your people engaged, you should optimise their experiences and a great way to do that can be through the successful implementation of technology. Think of experience as being made up of things like programs, digital learning, training and tools for holistic health, career development and satisfaction. Strategies for retaining employees should revolve around them being invested in the company’s culture. Supplement that by properly utilising the power that technology can bring.

Focus on gamification

Rewarding your employees can be a great way to boost productivity and instil a sense of dedication. You may have heard of gamification. It’s been out there for some time now and it can help pave the way towards increasing employee engagement levels. You might also find that it has a part to play in recognising achievement.

By setting goals, rules and rewards the same way sports, board games and video games work, organisations may be able to make use of that sense of playful competitiveness that can be found in us all in order to facilitate high-powered workplace cultures that collaborate, innovate, excel and are more productive. Possible solutions that can be used are app-based or digitally gamified platforms which can manage, motivate and incentivise your teams.

Incorporate visual storytelling

In case you haven’t noticed, videos appear to be trending as a vehicle for content and communication. However, expect visual storytelling in the hiring process to find prominence in 2019. Extensive application of visual attachments and video usage may soon take centre stage in HR especially as job markets become highly competitive and companies scurry for new ways to attract and engage talent. A report by Glassdoor suggested that job postings with video attachments saw a 12% increase in viewership compared to those without any form of video. When videos are added to job posts, companies have reported an upswing of 34% in completed applications. In 2019, make use of innovative tools and channels in order to strengthen your recruitment processes.

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